A birthday party in Paris is something exceptional. Paris is a city that has made itself attractive so that you can organize this magnificent birthday party for your child in the heart of this capital. Whether you want to organize your child’s birthday party in your apartment or in another suitable place, the Luxuria Kids event agency will take care of accompanying you, and also to advise you if you do not have any ideas on which place to choose. A sporting activity, a fairground spirit in a Parisian garden with a privatized space, a Caribbean Pirate theme or a spectacle of great illusions in an enchanting place: the agency team will be responsible for finding a panel of suitable places to accommodate your child’s unique birthday in Paris. Luckily, Paris is a rich city, where you can find all types of places that can match your child’s birthday. City of love, feast and lights, Paris will not stop surprising you with its dozens of unusual and equally different places: a Harry Potter atmosphere in a mysterious cellar or the grand ambiance of the castles of Princes and Princesses, Luxuria Kids will put at your service to deliver you the best birthdays for your child.