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Close your eyes and imagine your event: unique, fabulous, sensational and more incredible than ever. Are you there? Now feel the overwhelming thrill of your fantastic project and enjoy this moment, the best is yet to come. We will take full care of you and your event.


Experience the world of the swanky event agency where creativity fuses with ingenuity and the impossible becomes possible.
Meet our delightfully resourceful team of top-level professionals, passionate about their job and as quirky as your craziest dreams. All from the event, hospitality, design and fashion industries, they include designers and decorators, as well as award–winning chefs, artists, stage directors and designers.
They are all ears to catch every single piece of your innermost desires and share their passion and unwavering commitment to turn the moment that matters most to you into a fabulous event. Beware, with our team you will take a ride on a wild side. If you’re ready, together we will make it outstanding!
Luxuria is a 5-star service available around the clock and 7 days a week: high standard home management, luxury real estate, and all-around luxury caretaker’s service.

Luxuria is always close by, wherever you happen to be. Come and meet us at one of our permanent offices on the French Riviera or in Paris, as well as in Saint Tropez and Courchevel where our seasonal team will be happy to meet you. Our agents in London, Porto Cervo & Geneva will be glad to make your boldest event projects become reality.

Luxuria in numbers:
2 permanent offices: Paris & Nice
2 seasonal offices: Saint Tropez & Courchevel
3 agents : Geneva, Porto Cervo, London

In our vast warehouse spanning 1000m², where we have furniture, decorations and tableware for your receptions, you can also find over 50 attractions for children of all ages (merry-go-rounds, inflatable structures, wooden toys). As well as housing our own food trucks, a manufacturing workshop is also found here. Interesting, isn’t it?

Terre d’événements


Relax and let us take over Our team will move heaven and earth to let you keep your mind wandering and enjoy the marvellous moments, while we take care of your everyday burdens. We provide a wide range of services around the clock: home management, private jets, transfers, personal caretaker, security, in-house chef, floral decoration.

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Discover our selection of Group achievements.

Check out our most incredible, posh and glamorous realisations to get the real taste of your future event. Our imagination has no limits, and yours?



I had dreamt of something unique, a sort of historic reconstitution with period decor, costumes and menu. The Luxuria team turned it into reality!

For them, we imagined a spectacular evening with the greatest stars of the day in a villa on Cap d’Antibes: the stage overlooked the pool with the house all lit up and a dance floor above the water…